We're Rolling Pretzel Company has superior quality pretzels and drinks as well as the best menu variety of any pretzel franchise company.  The franchise system is supported by food service professionals who have decades of experience in the industry as well as Associates who have experience in all aspects of restaurant operations and marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Where do you locate your restaurants?

We’re Rolling Pretzel Company restaurants can be located in shopping malls, universities, transportation stations, amusement parks, and select big box retail locations.

+ Should I build a new restaurant or buy a current location?

From time to time, the company has existing restaurants available for sale.  You may also choose to build a new location, subject to company approval of the location.

+ What is the rent/lease arrangement?

Depending on the location, the rent/lease payment arrangements and terms will vary.  The franchisee selects the location and negotiates the terms of the rent/lease arrangement, subject to approval by the franchisor.

+ Does the company provide financing?

The company does not provide financing for new restaurants or franchise fees.  In certain cases, the company may offer to finance the sale of an existing corporate owned restaurant to a franchisee.

+ Does the company help me get financing?

The company has relationships with certain banks and finance companies and shares this contact information with franchisees, however, the company does not apply for or guarantee the financing of any franchisee.

+ How long is the initial franchise agreement?

The initial Franchise Agreement is five years with the option to renew for additional five year terms subject to meeting the renewal requirements in the Franchise Agreement.

+ What is the intial franchise fee?

The initial franchise fee is $15,000 for the first location and $10,000 for subsequent locations.

+ What is the royalty fee?

The royalty fee is 5% of net sales and the advertising royalty is 2% of net sales.

+ Can I own multiple franchises?

You can own multiple We’re Rolling Pretzel Company restaurants and you can own other franchise businesses as long as they are not in direct competition with We’re Rolling Pretzel Company.

+ Do I need to have food experience?

Food experience is not required.  The company has a training program that will help you get started and also offers ongoing training opportunities.

+ What kind of training do you offer?

The company has various training opportunities including the following:  initial training for new franchisees, Operations Manual, training videos, telephone support, in-person visits from company support personnel, and semi-annual franchisee meetings.

+ Do I need to work in my restaurant?

You are not required to work in your restaurant, however, you are strongly encouraged to be closely involved in the operation of the business.

+ Do you help me hire people to work in my restaurant?

The company does not make any personnel decisions regarding any person employed by a franchisee.  The company has a relationship with a third-party human resources system provider that a franchisee may choose to use or not use.

+ How do I teach my Associates to operate the business according to the system standards?

During your initial training you will learn how to operate the business according to the system standards.  You will have access to the Operations Manual, training videos, and other training materials that you can use to teach your Associates how to operate the business according to the system standards.

+ What kind of support do you offer?

The company offers many types of support including the following:  franchisee and restaurant manager training, Operations Manual, training videos, POS and technology support for company standard systems and software, telephone support, after hours hotline for emergency issues, on-site quality and standards reviews, and semi-annual franchisee meetings.

+ Do I need to find my own Point of Sale system?

The company requires the use of a standard POS system in all company and franchisee owned restaurants.

+ How do you handle distribution?

The company has an agreement with a distributor that handles the delivery of food and supplies to all company and franchisee owned restaurants.  Franchisees are required to use this distributor unless they request permission to use another vendor, subject to certain qualifications.

+ Do you provide marketing assistance?

The company offers many types of marketing assistance including the following:  standard menu board design and printing, social media marketing, email marketing, The Rolly Fan Club (points based loyalty card system), new product signage, and custom sign and coupon design (subject to company approval).

+ Can I sell things that are not on the standard menu?

In order to maintain the identity and reputation of the brand, only food items that are part of the standard menu may be offered for sale in the restaurant.  From time to time, the company does allow special or limited time items that have been pre-approved by the company.

+ What happens if I decide to sell my restaurant?

During the term of your Franchise Agreement, you can sell your restaurant to a buyer who has been approved by the company, subject to certain qualifications.

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